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NaNoWriMo peak
Currently 5 days into this years NaNoWriMo and I'm over 10 k already.....

Is it possible to make a character unlikable from description alone.... :)

Nearly six feet in height, short auburn hair spiked only in the front he leaned against the outside of the door frame and smiled eagerly when Emily opened. His eyes a shallow green, his face was moisturized and clean shaven. A gold chain hung around his neck, sparkled in the light and it almost took her eyes from the hideous green, black striped polo shirt a size too small even on his thin frame. It was unbuttoned and one side of the color stood straight up the tip of his frat boy tattoo peaked from the left rim of the shirt. His pants a green kaki were baggy and looked as if they were about to fall free. Brown dress shoes completed his wardrobe; he held a cocky swagger to his posture as he looked at her. “Hello sweetheart,” he said in a fake British accent with a big toothy grin. The smell of cheap wannabe cologne smacked her in the face as the breeze from the fall air swirled at the open door.

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eh, multiple errors there....but something I'll fix later.

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