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dragoncon 2011
Ok, try to make this brief…may not be but a sum up of how my weekend went.

Getting to Atlanta/Dragoncon was hell, 2 attempts in the car neither time did I get very far and it was a bad start to the weekend, ended up driving my truck down and getting there 12 hours later than I hoped.

Most won’t understand it but there is this release, almost the moment I got there having missed the year before it was such a relief to get there and check in. I did very little on Thursday, besides getting my badge… Ran into Robin a couple times as we were in the same hotel, it was very nice to chat with her as always: D We haven’t really hung out at con the past few years. Also got to meet Girlsplosion, Paul, and Pumpkin all three of which I know from twitter :D Been chatting so much back and forth the past few months it was great. Would run into GS & Paul several times over the weekend, and Linda your Bear Trap was indeed awesome. I really did turn in early this night I believe I crashed at like 11 or 12….it was sad.

Friday….was I guess you could say my panel/guest day. Went too 2 panels, True Blood and Being Human and both were fun. Guests this day, Eliza Dushku, Kristen Baur, and Laurie Holden… All were very nice, no complaints. Especially Baur Took some pictures but really I only took like 200 over the whole weekend which is slacking for some people…realized that later on in the weekend I may have been in a lot of pictures….but only a handful were taken with my camera lol

Ran into Pat….did not recognizes him without his Spike hair at first, lmao. And in the evening ended up hanging with the Minions for a few hours at the normal Friday kick off party for the group :D Met a few I haven’t met before and others it was nice just to play catch up. Ended up leaving there sometime after 10 and just roaming around until around 1….crashed again early this night….

Ok…Saturday and Sunday seem to blend together….

I only went too one panel over the 2 days, Walking Dead, it was fun but a little awkward feeling it. And I didn’t get any guest autos on these days…

These days were spent taking a lot of pictures and running into a lot of friends who I haven’t seen in 2 years…some I haven’t even talked too online in that time. Both evenings/nights however I spent with other twitter friends, Nancy, Major, Andi, Jenn…(only knew Nan/Major before con) So much fun was had and it was one of the highlight of con for me; Lots of just hanging out chatting getting to know people, especially on Sunday evening and just people watching. Oh yeah and drinking Pie! Lol Can’t forget that.

Both nights crashed out around 3 or 4…

Monday…met Stan Lee..nough said. Very depressing day, last day of con it always is.. Ended up leaving around 12:30 and almost 9 before I got home.

I’m already planning costumes and stuff for next year :D I really hope some people make it back guess we’ll see. Also hoping some who did not get to make it this year can go :D

Will post pics later when I can come to sift through them…

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I probably should have looked over that a few times before many mistakes...but I'm exhausted I'm sure all 'ya'll' will forgive me.

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