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Captain Ameria
Saw CA The First Avenger today and to be honest I quite enjoyed it. More so than I was expecting when I went into it which is basically the same thing I can say about all the 'Avengers' to date. Thor, Iron Man, and CA going into their movies I can say I was never a fan of any. In all my time reading comics I have picked up runs of each (and even enjoyed a few) but they never held my attention for too long. Now with each having a movie of their own, I've enjoyed each movie (including IM #2) but still as characters they are low on my list.

Captain America as a movie stands out from the other two though, I don't know if it is being a fan of Evans (ever since Sunshine) going into it and knowing he could pull this off. It is also a movie that very easily could have been terribly goofy but wasn't. I really enjoyed it, compared to others (both Avenger related movies and the other comic movies of this summer) I came out of the theater with no complaints... The story, the acting, the scenery, it all clicked for me and left me wanting more. And I hope it is a success so there will be a CA #2 somewhere down the road!

And seriously, the after credits trailer rocked!

I am really looking forward to the Avengers movie for a couple reasons. 1 - Joss Whedon is directing! 2 - My favorite Avenger is and probably will always be Hawkeye (with Jack of Hearts a very close second)

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We saw it today too and liked it a lot. Was way better than Thor. Though not as good as Iron Man (the first one) to us. But I love RDJ, so yeah. Evans was pretty smokin' in this one too. XD

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